Menu and Catering Packages

This is an overview and the most popular previous choices that our customers have picked from what we have to offer – If there is something specific you have tasted at any of our corporate or private functions that you do not see on this menu, please dont hesitate to enquire. As you may know we are often booked for “themed” parties, therefore our menu is not only limited to Asian fare.

Basic Catering Set Up - Residential Venue TestimonialBasic Catering Set Up - Residential Venue 2 Basic Catering Set Up - Large Venue

Entrees: – Tray Serviced
Marsala Chicken Liver Pate’ – Served with crudités of Celery/Carrot and Garlic Cracker Crisps
Crispy Fried Shrimp and Bean Sprout Cups
Chicken and Cuttlefish Steamed Dim Sum
Pork and Prawn Steamed Dim Sum
Beef Dim Steamed Dim Sum
Char grilled Paprika Garlic Marinated Chicken Tulips
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Pork & Veal Spring Rolls
Beef & Shitake Mushroom Spring Rolls
Vegetable Samosa
Crispy Bean Curd and Vegetable Rolls
Beef & Vegetable Samosa
Potato and Lamb Stuffed Cutlets
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sambal Sauce
Pork Satay with Peanut Sambal Sauce
Beef Uryghur Skewers
Chicken & Prawn Crispy Rangoons
Fried Spice Haloumi with Lentil Puree Dollop and Crisp Pancetta Finished with Micro Herbs
Crispy Puff Pastry Chicken, Lime and Coriander Sausage Rolls
Beef, Garlic and Cheese Sausage Rolls
Burmese Beef Curry Mini Pies
Vegetable Curry Mini Pies with Cheesy Top
Vietnamese Prawn and Pork Cold Rolls (Packages 3 and 4 only)
Vietnamese Tofu and Shitake Cold Rolls (Packages 3 and 4 only)

Mains Accompaniment: – Buffet Style Smorgasbord
Crisp Asian Style Mint, Lime and Cabbage Salad
Traditional Creamy Coleslaw
Chick Pea, Capsicum and Celery Salad
Turmeric, Fenugreek and Butter Baked Potatoes
Cucumber, Tomato, Coriander and Onion Salad
Garden Green Salad
Egg and Pasta Salad
Warm Zucchini and Bean Salad with Thai Basil and Coriander Pesto Butter
Honeyed Carrots with Burnt Butter and Sage
Baked Beetroot with Thyme and Balsamic
Sweet Potato, Spinach, Spanish onion and Spicy Ranch dressing
Warm Sautéed Three bean and Green Beans with Slivered Almonds and Brown Butter Dressing
Silver beet, Roasted Pumpkin and Roasted Eggplant trio with Maple Syrup and Lime Dressing
Gourmet Quinoa, Hazelnut and Cranberry Salad with vinaigrette
Green Bean and Mushroom Gourmet Salad

Mains: – Buffet Style Smorgasbord
Burmese Mild Root Vegetable Curry
Burmese Beef & Potato Curry
Burmese Style Goat Curry with Carrots and Beans
Burmese Chicken and Tomato Curry
Burmese Chicken Curry with Pumpkin
Hot and Spicy Beef Vindaloo
Chicken Pepper and Ginger ‘Fry up’ with Capsicum
Kerala Golden Coconut Fish Curry
Burmese Chicken and Noodle with Coconut Cream
Rice Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables (Pork also available)
Burmese Pork and Bamboo Curry
Filipino Style Pork and Chicken Adobo
Sliced Baked Honey Ham
Sliced Roast Pork
Sliced Capel Roast Beef
Trio of our own Gluten Free Sausages – Pork Beef and Chicken
Lamb Backstrap, Mint and Lime Rice Noodle Salad

Coconut Rice
Plain Rice
Dinner Rolls and Butter
**Plates or Noodle Boxes, wooden cutlery and napkins are also included in the per head price.
**If you prefer, we can hire crockery and cutlery for you should you require this for a more formal style function. (Hire/cleaning costs will be incurred for this option)

Condiments: Package 1 & 2 – Choose 3/ Package 3 & 4 – Choose 4
Tomato Chilli Jam
Crispy Prawn, Garlic Chilli Fry
Crispy Anchovy, Garlic Chilli Fry
Sweet Chutney
Sweet and Hot Chutney
Mango Chutney
Mint Yoghurt


We make and prepare everything from scratch. Including the majority of our dipping sauces from the freshest, locally sourced and as much as practicable, Australian products ingredients.

We do not add MSG, nor any preservatives or filler agents. We always ensure freshness and taste as the optimum.

Our commitment to you is simple: Quality, Service and Great food with the utmost care, in food safety and a high level of diligence in providing a quality product and service, that you will happily recommend to your friends and family, and use time and again.

It’s that simple – Your happiness and appreciation of a quality function that is hassle and worry free is our desire and end goal.

All packages below are designed for a MINIMUM of 50 people. However we are more than happy to discuss options for smaller intimate numbers and work with you to arrange something special for you and your budget

  • PACKAGE 1 – $27.00 per head – Choose 3 Entrees/ 3 Mains Accompaniments/ 2 Mains
  • PACKAGE 2 – $30.00 per head – Choose 3 Entrees/ 3 Mains Accompaniments/ 3 Mains
  • PACKAGE 3 – $35 per head – Choose 4 Entrees/ 4 Mains Accompaniments/ 3 mains
  • PACKAGE 4 – $40.00 per head – Choose 4 Entrees/ 4 Mains Accompaniments/ 4 mains

****Package 4 can also includes options of fresh and cooked Seafood and other gourmet meat options such as Quail, Lamb, Duck and Pork Belly – Please request this add-on menu as they are subject to change and dependant on availability.

**We endeavour to honour our pricing structures however, at times, prices may be subject to change according to seasonal availability**


Take Home Heat and Eat Range


After much success at the Shelly Beach Village Gourmet Store Food Festival, Kawana Waters Farmers Markets, various Food Festivals and Sponsorship tastings, the Real Food Festival and the You Can Heal Yourslef expo, Burma In Ya Belly realised another space in the market for their products, in the form of good quality take home heat and eat packs.

……” People kept enquiring about where they could get my products AFTER the events or catering that I was doing” Trish said.

And so the RETAIL HEAT & EAT Range was born. All these meals are prepared lovingly in our commercial kitchen based in Caloundra, with health in mind and taste as the optimum.

Made from local ingredients where practicible and proudly 100% Australia owned and operated, Burma In Ya Belly endeavours to bring something a little bit different for you and your family to enjoy in the convenience of your own home.

As Trish said…..”The beauty of BURMESE food is it is softer in flavour and not as heavy in spice as other South East Asian curries. With the condiments range you can make it as hot as you like while not having to prepare ‘another’ meal for your little ones or those with sensitive stomachs to spices – It really is perfect for the whole family”

As our lives become increasingly busier, these products can help you have a home cooked, delicious and exotic meal ready for you and your family in a matter of no time at all.

Prepare the additions of rice, salad and/or mixed crispy vegetables as an accompaniment and with our range of Chutney, Burmese Chilli Sprinkles and Chilli Jams you have it all.

Chilli Condiments

At this point our range consists of 5 staple curries and 3 chilli condiments.

Balachaung – A cripsy mix of dried prawn floss, crispy shallotts and garlic and birds eye chillis

Nga Kyut Kyut Kyaw – A crispy mix of fried Anchovies, crispy shallotts, fried garlic and birds eye chillis (pictured)

Nga Kyut Kyut Kyaw - Chilli Condiment

Sweet & Hot Chutney – A mix of fruit, mint and coriander and little splash of baked shrimp paste

Available NOW direct from the



6 Industrial Avenue Caloundra

Read on for more glowing testimonials about our product!

Thank you for this wonderful testimonial and to read more, pop on over to our page of testimonials from some happy customers:

We have become an instant fan of this fantastic Burmese food, very quick and easy but tastes out of this world.
So happy we can get top food at a great price, our favourite is the chicken curry and the goat curry but they are all very very good.
If anyone out there has not tried the Malaysian Sausages you must, they are to die for. Looking forward to new products coming soon to your menu.
Many thanks Trish
The Jow Family, Caloundra

Our Range of Curries Include:


Seikthar Seepyan – Goat Curry

and our classic customer favourites




Burmese Goat Curry

BBurmese Beef & Potato Curry

700gms: With your additions of Rice and Salad, you will comfortably feed a family of 4. No added MSG and GLUTEN FREE.

No nasty MSG or artificial flavours – Simply packed with flavour and love and made for you by me.

Burmese Pork & Bamboo Curry

700gms: With your additions of Rice and Salad, you will comfortably feed a family of 4. No added MSG and GLUTEN FREE.

Pictured here with traditional pickled vegetables and our chilli condiments

An example of one of our HEAT & EAT Range - Pork & Bamboo Curry

Burmese Chicken Curry
700gms: With your additions of Rice and Salad, you will comfortably feed a family of 4.No added MSG and GLUTEN FREE.

Serving Suggestion: Add a drizzle of Coconut Cream and a handful of Baby Spinach leaves to add some iron and lovely subtle flavour.

Chicken Curry - Kyetha Seepyan

Burmese Root Vegetable Curry

500gms: Packed full of Potato, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Carrot, Butter Beans, Lentils and Chick Peas – This is very popular with our Vegetarian friends

Root Vegetable and Lentil Curry

Read our recent advertorial as featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily

Business can be tough at the best of times, especially in this economic climate.

So it helps when two businesses can work together and support each other, creating a win-win situation.

That’s exactly what Trish Davison of Burma In Ya Belly and Vicki Taylor of Red Hot Chilli Pepper has done.

Burma In Ya Belly, a gourmet Burmese catering company and Red Hot Chilli Pepper, a herbs and spice emporium, are both Caloundra-based businesses.

Trish said there were natural synergies between the two businesses so it was obvious that the two should work together. Trish walked into Red Hot Chilli Pepper in early 2011, not long after Vicki had opened the Bulcock St store, in search of spices for her catering company. A bond and a partnership was born.

Soon after that Trish started selling at markets on the Coast with her Burmese foods. The feedback was so positive that it wasn’t long before customers started asking where they could buy her products outside of the markets.

She then went into retail offering take-home “heat & eat” frozen curries.

Vicki, who is always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with other foodies as well as have something new to offer her customers, asked Trish if she would consider Red Hot Chilli Pepper as one of the retail outlets where people could buy the Burma In Ya Belly products. She now stocks four curries, two spicy condiments and soon, gourmet Asian inspired hand-made sausages.

Vicki’s spice knowledge combined with Trish’s Burmese heritage means that the entrepreneurs are able to bring authentic flavours to customers that are true to the Burmese culture.

The partnership came about as both women celebrated being in business for two years.

Check out our testimonials on the RETAIL RANGE – WOW Thanks Guys and glad you enjoy our products – Keep the testimonials coming!!

We just demolished dinner care of ‘Burma in Ya Belly’…….. Um.. holy deliciousness. Please start automatically deducting money from my partner and keep sending food home – Caaan’t wait to try the rest of the range!!!

Jade Ebony Buderim


Dear Trish…Re: Beef & Potato Curry Frozen Heat & eat Meal

This is a fantastic meal, very quick and easy to prepare and tastes sensational. It is not too hot, so is perfect to feed my whole family with my kids age 16 & 11, but adding the condiments to your dish to make it hotter if that is what you prefer is great. It is very reasonably priced & fed our family of four easily. It is great if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals but still want a nutritious and tasty dinner. We look forward to trying the rest of the menu. Thanks again.

The Winen Family Sunshine Coast


I purchased a Frozen Heat & Eat meal from Trish. We chose the Burmese Beef & Potato Curry and this was for myself and my son. My 9 year old son is somewhat of a fussy eater but after trying his first mouthful, there was no turning back. We enjoyed the meal thoroughly and ate it all in one sitting. For me being time poor and co-ordinating sports training, schooling and work, it is a perfect option rather than take-away. Can’t wait to try the rest of the range.

Ang Sutton Caloundra


Hi Trish, My friends & I enjoyed the delicious Burmese Chicken Curry I picked up from you. I will definitely see you again to try some of your other yummy dishes. So lovely to meet you aswell & I’ll see you again soon.
Taryn King Caloundra 🙂


Thanks Trish Davison I think I just had the best lunch….. ever!!!!!

Kim Byrnes Kawana


Want to be a stockist of our


Now including our GLUTEN FREE Asian Inspired Sausages



DISCLAIMER: Please Note: While the recipes marked as gluten free or dairy free do not contain these allergens we cannot guarantee that trace elements are not present within either the raw ingredients (e.g.: spices that may be processed in factories that process gluten products) or the finished product cooked or served by our staff.Please inform us of dietary requirements that individual diners may have and we will endeavour to deliver a product free of those allergens where possible. If it is a serious medical condition – DON’T RISK IT!